Windows 10 hostname change/joining domain error

Hey there.

Yesterday during a migration, I had an annoying error. The migration itself went quite smoothly. Now, I am calling it a migration, but the customer did not want to actually migrate the domain. He wanted to start cleanly. So we deployed a new domain controller, went through the initial configuration, created users, fileserver permissions, groups, setup the LDAP connections from several applications etc. No problems so far.

Until the most basic part. Adding the clients to the new domain. Most of them did not cause an issue, but the last one decided to be a jerk.

Removing it from the old domain worked fine but as soon as I tried to join the new domain, I got an error message.

The following error occurred validating the name “HOSTNAME”.
A general network error occurred.

Or something similar (the error message was in german).

Tried a few things, but what actually helped was changing the hostname using the powershell. You have to start the shell as an administrator.

PS C:\Windows\system32> Rename-Computer -ComputerName <current hostname> -NewName <new hostname>

By the way. You can also join the domain using the powershell. This might have also worked but couldn’t really test it anymore.

PS C:\Windows\system32> Add-Computer –DomainName <your domain>  -Restart

That’s it.

Till next time.

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